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Plug-in Hybrids Are Toyota's Goal For The Future

Article Preview ImageThe Prius PHV, the slow-selling designation of Toyota Motor Corporations plug-in hybrid, has been the only one in the Toyota line for years. However, according to the top automaker of Japan, this is all about to change. Toyota will be introducing plug-in hybrids into more segments of its model range over the next three years due to sudden rises in sales. "The Father of the Prius," a nickname willfully taken by Toyota Chairman Takeshi Uchiyamada for his designing of the first generation of Prius in the 1990s announced that Toyota is initializing plug-in technology as a core fundamental property of the brand and is expecting their sales to surpass that of traditional hybrids in the very near future. "What comes after hybrids?" asked Takeshi. "Toyota's answer is PHVs. Plug-ins are going to...

Dodge Slates New Performance Durango SRT For Production

Article Preview ImageConsumers shopping for a new car but can't decide whether they want that big family SUV or a muscle car no longer have to compromise anything as Fiat Chrysler has just announced the production of a 475 horsepower answer to the dilemma. Fiat Chrysler at the Chicago Auto Show last week announced that the company would be producing the world's most powerful SUV as the Dodge Durango SRT which will pump out an astonishing 475 horsepower, giving it the ability to accomplish a 0-60 miles-per-hour time of about 4.4 seconds. The Dodge Durango SRT will sit alongside its Jeep counterpart, the Grand Cherokee SRT that is already under their performance line-up and has been for quite some time. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV's decision to add another large performance model to its existing line-up is a reflection...

New TRD Trucks Are Coming To The Toyota Model Line-up

Article Preview ImageOn Sunday, Toyota uncovered new Toyota Racing Development packages to expand the range of models that can be had with the TRD packaging for the new 2018 Tundra full-size pickup and Sequoia SUV, as Toyota prospects new ways to market its lineup. Last week in an interview at the Toyota booth at the Chicago Auto Show, Chief Engineer for the Tundra and Tacoma vehicle programs Mike Sweers said Toyota aims to streamline the TRD package line between its Sport, Off-Road, and Pro versions. "We got together with marketing, and our goal was to align the TRD packages so that it's not confusing to the consumer," said Sweers. "So that you know what a TRD Off-Road package is, you know what a TRD Pro is, and you know what a TRD Sport is." New for the 2018 model year...

Used Cars For Sale

Auto Giants Atlantic Chevy Has Used Malibus Today

Article Preview ImageDrivers all across Long Island, NY and even beyond are ranting and raving about Atlantic Auto Group where they have used cars for sale in NY! Auto Giants dealerships by Atlantic Auto Group have the large, extensive inventory that you have been looking for to find the next perfect used cars for sale in NY that fits you! Finding that car that is going to give you and your passengers the comfortable, laid-back driving experience that is highly sought after is extremely easy and stress-free here at our used car dealerships in NY. We work with you through our friendly and well-educated team members that are here to work with you to find you the car for sale in NY that best fits your wants, your needs and fits well in to your budget as well...

Used Car Dealers in Long Island Have Used Toyotas For Sale

Article Preview ImageAny driver on Long Island that is looking for their next great used car for sale in NY only has to look to one used car dealership in NY, NY Auto Giant by Atlantic Auto Group! NY Auto Giant has the giant auto sales you need to find that next perfect used car that you have been needing. We offer a broad range of used makes and models throughout all of our used car dealerships in NY, so we are bound to have the one for you! From out Chevy dealership to our Toyota dealership in Long Island, rest assured you can come in to any of our stores and find the right car. Our friendly staff is here to welcome you and find the car that best fits everything you want in a vehicle as well as everything that ...

NY Auto Giant Long Island Has A Great Used Lexus For Sale

Article Preview ImageNY Auto Giant makes finding your next great car is easier than ever when you come in to any of our used car dealerships in NY. NY Auto Giant by Atlantic Auto Group provides the residents of Long Island, New York and beyond with "giant" auto sales, offering a broad range of vehicles of all makes and models at all of our new and used car dealerships. If you have been struggling to find your next new or used car for sale, come in to any of our convenient locations where our staff, full of knowledge and courtesy, waits to welcome you through our doors and on to our new and used car dealerships in NY lots to explore our many vehicles for sale. Because we provide such a vast amount of options from all makes and models of cars...

New Inventory

New Chevy Tahoe For Sale By The Island Auto Group

Article Preview ImageAtlantic Auto Mall new car dealerships by Atlantic Auto Group in Long Island, New York have the high-quality new cars for sale and inventory that you have been searching for on your hunt for that next great new car! Giant Auto Sales are crazy easy to find when you come into our Atlantic Chevrolet dealership by the Island Auto Group, where you can find anything from new cars for sale or lease all the way to new trucks for sale or lease in New York. Our friendly team members here at Atlantic Chevy have the expertise and knowledge to help you make the best decision possible on that next amazing new car for sale that is going to be everything that you want and more in a new car, as well as everything that you need that ...

Brand New 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee For Sale Long Island

Article Preview ImageAtlantic Auto Group's premier new car dealership Atlantic Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram in Long Island, New York is your one-stop shop for giant auto sales! New York Auto Giants by Atlantic Auto Group has new cars for sale all along Long Island and is sure to have just the right car that you have been searching high and low for all this time. We here at Atlantic Auto Group understand that finding that great next new car for sale can be a long, stressful and drawn out process that can be difficult to enjoy, but that is where our knowledgeable and expert team comes into play. Our friendly team members are here to ensure that when you come into one of our new car dealerships that you feel welcome and comfortable when you are looking...

Take A Look At This New Toyota For Sale In Long Island

Article Preview ImageA wide range of new cars for sale can be found when shopping at car dealerships in new york, however, Toyota dealers in Long Island have what you are sure to be looking for. Advantage Toyota by NY Auto Giant is your Atlantic Auto Group dealer for the next new car for sale that you have been searching for. Advantage Toyota in Long Island has the expertise and knowledge to get you into the new car you have been desiring. With a friendly and welcoming staff, we stand above the rest and do the best we can to get you into that new car for sale here at your Toyota dealer Long Island that meets and exceeds all of your particular wants, while also meeting all of your needs as well as your budget, being sure to check off all...
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