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Details On The Mitsubishi Nissan Deal

Article Preview ImageThe club of automakers, which has only three members and which sell nine million or more vehicles per year increased their numbers to four members when Renault-Nissan took over Mitsubishi Motors. Mitsubishi is not well known in America. especially considering it sold only 95,342 vehicles during 2015, but this deal greatly alters this automaker, adding almost one million sales per year. In a move that bears remarkable similarity to the decision that started up Renault-Nissan in 1999, CEO Carlos Ghosn paid almost $2.2 billion for 34% of Mitsubishi. According to Japan law, that gives Renault-Nissan control. Mitsubishi’s stock sharply fell and the company’s future was in grave jeopardy when it was found that it falsified fuel economy reports for vehicles that were sold in Japan since 1991. This was the company's second fiendish scandal in their recent past, following the several year cover-up of a large range of dangerous defects in the early 2000s....

Lexus Reveals Details On Haggle Free Pricing

Article Preview ImageToyota's Lexus luxury division is almost a month from launching a haggle free pricing experiment that they developed with 11 U.S. dealers who offered to help. A large majority of retail dealers are not willing to participate. “Many of our dealers, philosophically, are opposed,” said Jeff Bracken, group vice president as well as general manager for Lexus. “They’re saying, ‘You’re wholesale. We’re retail. Stay out of our business.’ ” Lexus wants to try out the new pricing system partly to entice younger buyers. Interest in a less hassling car purchasing experience has helped give success to CarMax Inc., and TrueCar Inc., which gives customers information about what others are paying....

50th Year Of The Camaro

Article Preview ImageIt's the 50th birthday for the Camaro. And Chevy is rolling out a special Anniversary Edition trim level loaded with unique cosmetic touches. The first Camaros popped on the scene as 1967 models, so the 50th Anniversary Edition trim will be offered for the 2017 model year. The celebratory Camaros will be swathed in Nightfall Grey metallic paint with an orange and black stripe kit running from nose to tail. Unique 20-inch alloy wheels will cover orange brake calipers (front only on V-6-powered models), and special "Fifty" badges" will be festooned to their front fenders....

Pre-owned Inventory

Used Nissan Altima For Sale With NY Auto Giant

Article Preview ImageDriver throughout New York can find high quality new and used cars for sale in NY at great, affordable prices, with a trustworthy and reliable New York automotive group. NY Auto Giant has a wide selection of awesome new and used cars for sale in NY, and some of the most competitive pricing around! NY Auto Giant has used car dealerships all throughout NY, so you are sure to have a location near you, and with our many dealerships comes and absolutely massive inventory of awesome new and used cars from many makes and models! Whether its a rough and tough new truck for sale, or smooth and classy used luxury car for sale that you are looking for, NY Auto Giant can help you find what you need at an affordable and competitive price that will fit into your budget....

Used lexus For Sale With NY Auto Giant

Article Preview ImageCar buyers that want to find the widest range of highly rated, reliable, and customer friendly car dealerships in Long Island NY, should shop with an automotive group that is equally reliably and customer friendly. With NY Auto Giant, you get an automotive group that is determined to find you the best car to fit your needs, with car dealerships in NYC everywhere! We have a wide range of car dealerships in NY, and each one is committed to finding you the optimal car to fit your lifestyle and needs, all at a competitive price that you will love and enjoy, and which will keep your wallet full and happy! with so many car dealerships in NYC with NY Auto Giant, you can rest assured that you are going to be able to find the exact kind of new or used car, van, truck, or SUV you are looking for. NY Auto Giant can show you everything from efficient electric cars, to used heavy duty and ready to work trucks for sale, all with our car dealerships in Long Island!...

The Certified Used Cadillac For Sale In New York

Article Preview ImageIf you are a drive in New York and you are looking for great deals on used cars for sale in Long Island and Certified used cars for sale in Long Island, then you need to shop with the New York automotive group that has a missive inventory of amazing used cars for sale on Long Island and Certified used cars for sale in Long Island, and that automotive group is none other than NY Auto Giant! With NY Auto Giant you can find many used car dealer in New York near you, as well as an extensive inventory of Long Island cars for sale and Certified used cars for sale, all right here in New York with NY Auto Giant! So come and take a look at our massive inventory of cars for sale today!...

New Inventory

The New 2014 Cadillac ATS Standard RWD

Article Preview ImageIf you want to find the highest quality new and used cars for sale in Long Island and with other car dealerships in NY, then there is only one automotive group that will be able to connect you to all of the best car dealers in NY, and show you the best long island cars, and that automotive group is NY Auto Giant, here in New York! We have the widest array of car dealerships in NY, with the best cars for sale in Long Island that you will love! All of our new and used cars for sale throughout New York feature beautiful exteriors, and are powerfully equipped with mechanical features that will allow you to drive with speed and power while maintaining a comfortable, relaxing driving experience during every...

NY Auto Giants New Luxury Cars For Sale

Article Preview ImageIf you want power and luxury in a vehicle, then you need to search with NY Auto Giant! We have the widest selection of new and used cars for sale, all right here in New York, and each one has something new to offer you that you will love! We have makes and models from all over New York. We have everything from used trucks for sale, to beautiful luxury cars for sale, and matter what you are looking for, we are sure to have it in our inventory of cars for sale in New York, whether it is New or Used, like this new Audi A4 lease, the new 2015 Audi A4 Premium Plus, which is equipped with an awesome 2.0L DOHC 4-Cylinder TFSI Engine including Audi valvelift system, and an equally impressive 8-Speed Automatic Transmission system with Tiptronic including sport program and manual shift mode, making this one butt kicking car for sale!...

The All New Nissan Altima For Sale In New York

Article Preview ImageSpeed and sleek, sporty style is mated in a Nissan Altima for sale, and if you are looking for the best new and used cars, whether its a Nissan Altima for sale or otherwise, Long Island Auto Find with NY Auto Giant will help you find exactly what you need! We have the widest and most varied selection of makes and models of new and used cars, trucks, and SUVs all throughout New York, from Fords To Lexus, you will be sure to find exactly what you have been looking for, and to find the perfect vehicle for your lifestyle, like this new Nissan Altima for sale, the new 2016 Nissan Altima 2.5 SL, which is equipped with a very powerful and highly efficient 2.5L DOHC 16-Valve 4-Cylinder Engine that will have you roaring up and down the roads without a care in the world!...