New Toyota C-HR To Hit Dealerships Next Month

Toyota To Start Shipping New Model In April

Originally designed as a new model for the now-deceased Scion brand by Toyota, the all-new model of the Toyota C-HR will be hitting dealership showrooms next month in April, allowing the once-Scion model for the youth concept car a remaining chance of success. Toyota's new "Coupe-High Rider" crossover SUV was first unveiled at the 2015 Los Angelas Auto Show and is designated to provide a stylish option for an SUV-style vehicle for the younger, Millenial Generation at an affordable price starting in the 2018 model year. General Manager of Toyota Bill Fay stated that Toyota expects to sell 30,000 of the new Toyota C-HR during this 2018 model year and to go further on to sell 60,000 of the new crossover next year for the 2019 model year. Toyota did not sway from the original objective of creating a stylish and affordable means of transportation for the younger generation while keeping the vehicle not too far up-market with additional trim levels (leading to higher pricing) or with a stripped-down option, leaving only two variations of the C-HR available with one set of standard equipment across the model's range. XLE is the designation for the C-HR's "Base" model which will sticker at $23,460 with shipping and standard equipment, including automatic braking, lane departure alert, radar cruise control, alloy wheels, dual-zone climate control, and many more features as standard. Leaving only one other trim available, the XLE Premium, which will sticker at $25,310 with shipping as well just like the "base" model, adds fog lights, power-folding mirrors, and blind spot monitoring. However, Toyota will not be offering a sunroof option, leather seat option, it is available in front-wheel-drive only, and no additional upgrades will be available, such as there being no navigation option. The C-HR will join all the other previous Scion models already in production, the FR-S, iM, and the iA as being rebadged with Toyota branding. The Scion tC production was discontinued after this last year. Toyota's Deputy Chief Engineer in Japan, Hiroyuki Koba, stated that even when the badging of the C-HR changed, its mission of being a stylish, well-handling vehicle did not and that everything remained the same as it was under the Scion mission.

Toyota is producing the C-HR on their new Toyota New Global Architecture body, the same that is used on the all-new Toyota Prius, featuring double-wishbone rear suspension and a low center of gravity, which allows for spectacular handling out of a crossover SUV in twisty corners, all while also not sacrificing on interior and cargo space, even when making the C-HR a two-door. For now, though, Toyota will keep the C-HR a simple and easy to option vehicle to younger customers, but may in the future develop it with more diversifying options and equipment, adding an all-wheel-drive system like its bigger sibling the RAV-4, adding a Hybrid drivetrain, navigation, or more, but only time will tell.
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