New Dodge Challenger Demon Unveiled

New Dodge Challenger News

Adding even more flare and adrenaline to its eight-year-old Challenger muscle car, Dodge has released a drag-racing-specific coupe by decreasing weight, upping the horsepower to even more than its current Hellcat trim, as well as sticky tires and several other changes to make its acceleration off of the line as quick as possible. Being one of now four vehicles that will be used the high-performance Dodge vehicles and one Jeep vehicle to use the 6.2-Liter Hellcat V8 Engine, being the new Dodge Challenger Demon, the current Challenger Hellcat, the current Charger Hellcat, and now the new 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk. However, the Demon used the same engine, only even further modified. Now producing 840-horsepower, which is 130-horsepower more than the current Hellcat iteration. The only option for transmission is an automatic transmission with a heavy duty torque converter to put all of the new 770 pound-feet of torque down on the pavement.

With production of the current Dodge Viper ending in August of this year, Dodge intends to use to new Demon to hold the new champion belt in their lineup as sales of the 707-horsepower Hellcat variations of the Charger and Challenger begin to slow down. The new Dodge Challenger Demon chases the quarter mile times by cutting its weight by 232-pounds, in part by ditching all but the driver's seat, however you can get it optioned with the seats back in it for $1, as well as replacing the driver's seat with a racing seat. Equipped with Nittor 315/40-18 Drag Radials to allow it to grip off of the start line, a large hood hood to intake more cold air into the engine to boost performance, the Dodge Demon can allow you to grab a quarter mile run into the 9-seconds.
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