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S.A.D.D. Student Groups and Student Clubs:

In addition to the regular contest, there’s an incentive for S.A.D.D student groups and student clubs to get involved as well. Every month we will be looking for the most active group of students to push the message of "NO TEXTING" while driving. The S.A.D.D. groups will have to post their efforts on the official Facebook page in the form of a YouTube video link as an official entry. We want to see how active student groups really are. The level of creativeness is up to each student group.

The S.A.D.D student’s focus can also be community based, or peer to peer, but must be done as a group. Every 60 days one club will be rewarded with a monetary prize/gift for the previous month’s efforts. The amount of the prize will be determined solely by "iDrive" staff and coordinates.


  1. Must work as a group and be a member of S.A.D.D.
  2. Must push the "NO TEXTING" while driving message.
  3. Each group must film their own project/event, and then submit that video to Youtube. Once the video is uploaded to Youtube, copy & paste a link of your video to our official Facebook page as your submission. The title of the submission should have the name of the contest, your name, high school and the date. Example: "iDrive: John Doe – John J. High school/S.A.D.D – 10/20.2016." The official page is In the description tell us what your video is about, and name all group members that participated in the project.
  4. Project must be completed and posted via Youtube link on the official Facebook page by the last day of each month. *ALL posts must go to and students must "LIKE’ our page.
  5. Must use hashtag #idrivenotexting #nyautogiant #industrymuscle

Note: Video can be filmed on a cellphone, tablet or video camera. The quality of the video will not be judged, however, the quality of the project or event will be the determining factor.

Level 1:

Students enroll in the contest by doing the following:

Students are required to submit up to a 2 minute video submission on why "No Texting While Driving" is important to them. The title of the submission should have the name of the contest, your name and high school. Example "iDrive: John Doe -John J. High School". The video can be recorded with a camera phone, tablet or video camera. Then simply email a link to that video to the following email: Once reviewed it will be posted on our official Facebook pages. and as your submission video.

Once the video is on our wall, then students will have to engage other students and peers to leave supporting comments for their video. Students must also use our designated hashtags:

  1. #idrivenotexting
  2. #nyautogiant
  3. #industrymuscle

when posting their links on Facebook. Enrollment starts September 15th, 2016 and ends December 31, 2016.

Level 2:

Choosing "No Texting Brand Ambassadors":

The selection process begins from Jan 4, 2017 through Jan 31, 2017. One student from each school will be chosen to be that school's ambassador from their video submission. The selected student's name and school will be placed on both and official Facebook. Once chosen the student ambassadors at this level will have to directly involve their peers and students to take a stance NOT TEXT AND DRIVE. Students must be creative in their process of doing so. We encourage you to use video and pictures to show your work. Student Ambassadors must also go into their community and take action. What the student does to get their peers and community involved will be creatively up to the ambassador. Remember, it is a competition and you will be judged on every level, once completed. Then simply create a video or pictures of your process and email a link of the video or send pictures to the following email: All submitted work will be reviewed and then posted to our official Facebook pages as your submission. For past examples go to The official pages are and

Your video must be titled appropriately as described in Level 1. Once again, this can be filmed on a camera phone, tablet or video camera. Student’s efforts will be monitored and judged on:

  • Context of the pledge
  • Sincerity
  • Amount of work posted

Students email their work submissions between Feb 8th, 2017 through March 20th, 2017.

Level 3:

PSA/Commercial Submission:

Ambassadors will also be responsible for creating an idea for a (PSA) public service announcement. The idea must incorporate:

  1. A minimum of two students
  2. A cell phone
  3. A car

Ambassadors will have from anytime between March 25th, 2017 and April 30th, 2017 to create and submit their VIDEO . We will collect each student ambassador’s video for review. Feedback will be given then each student will have to come in and pitch as to Why the have the best idea and why they should win the grand prize to the iDrive and NY AUTO GIANT in a round-table. The pitch and selection will take place anytime between MAY 5TH 2017 AND MAY 12, 2017. Location will be NYAUTOGIANT MAIN OFFICES, 193 SUNRISE HWY, WEST ISLIP, NY.

*Deadline dates are subject to change without notice, all updates will be posted on the official iDrive Facebook page.


1st Place = $8,500

2nd Place = $1,000

3rd Place = $500

The scholarship is delivered to 1st Place, 2nd Place and 3rd Place winners June 2017.

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